6 hour Intensive Foundation Course




Get Krav Maga FAST,

The ultimate self-protection system developed in Israel and designed to give you real skills fast.

This course might just save your life.

You do not need to be an athlete or even be fit to get Krav Maga¬†FAST and that’s why it works for normal people.
Learn from Tony Preston who is an experienced 2nd degree Krav Maga black belt and veteran front line door security operative.

This course will reveal the secrets of why the Israeli special forces, security and army all use Krav Maga as their preferred weapon in unarmed self-defence.

The 6-hour foundation course contains the most effective and practical techniques available to give you the tools to protect yourself and your loved ones against potential conflict and hostile situations.
Course outline
* Balance and stance
* Verbal posturing
* Distance and boundaries
* Krav Maga Combatives
* Knife awareness and defence
* Gun defence
* introduction to multiple opponent’s
* The law relating to self-defence.
Course attendance certificate issued on completion.


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