Local Accommodation, Airport Pickup & Drop-Off can be added to your package by the IKI organisers in Israel

Tony is your UK contact and IKI are your Israel connection to authentic Krav Maga.

We understand how it feels to land in a new country where you don’t speak the language or know the area.

With IKI you are taken care of. 

The Training (as per official IKI site details)

• Indoors and Outdoors training. 
• Full padding for knife defense training.
• Learn from real cases from around the world. This is not theoretical.
• Airline situations, Profiling, Defense inside a plane. (including training for pilots).
• Learn the Israeli mindset, the approach to counter terrorism.
• Build your skills step by step in a logical order att Allows for fast learning. 
• Full impact (when ready) but safe. (This is optional)
• All aspects of Krav Maga training; Close quarters, Defense in and around a car, Stairs, confined spaces, Hostage situations. 
• Meet students and instructors from Israel and all over the world.
• Tour the Old City of Jerusalem, Mount Herzl, Yad va Shem Holocaust memorial, Masada, The Judean Desert. Meet Bedouin.
• Diploma for completion of course.
• Possibility of rank test. (additional fee, see Certification )
• Possibility for instructor qualification (for suitable candidates)

Day 11 Optional (additional cost) – Israeli Kickboxing

Extra courses depend upon the number of interested participants. A minimum of 4 is required. 

Certificates / Diplomas

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Tour and Train course.

Participants are eligible to test for rank in IKI Krav Maga and Israeli Kickboxing.

Participants are eligible to test for Instructor ranks, conditional about becoming members of IKI. This way we know that you will be kept up to date on all the latest Krav Maga developments in Israel.  

Possibility for certification in Personal protection, security guard.

About the Touring

Our Touring is not just “site seeing” as in what a regular tourist would see upon visiting another country. Moshe Katz, IKI head instructor, leads most of the tours personally and integrates that experience with the Krav Maga training. The tours are “Moreshet Krav” – Hebrew for Combat Heritage, as taught in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).
The tours are part of your Krav Maga training, just as all IDF recruits must complete these very same tours, so shall you. The tours are the spirit of Krav Maga. This is essential for understanding Israeli Krav Maga. You will be walking in the footsteps of warriors and learning their story. You will understand Krav Maga on an entirely different level. 

The Cost

The cost of the course is $1,400.


  • 10 days of training. (There are actually 11 days, however, Friday & Saturday are not as full. Friday we conclude early for the Sabbath and on Saturday we train after the Sabbath Concludes)
  • All Krav Maga training, all training equipment provided other than personal items (such as groin protector).

Does Not Include:

This price does not include the extra full day Kickboxing training. 
Does not include your flights. Does not include accommodations, food, airport pickup. (we do have a package deal that includes all this)
Accommodations available in Maaleh Adumim at very reasonable rates, or in nearby Jerusalem. 
Training Equipment
1. Groin protection
2. Mouth guard
3. Shin pads, arm pads  
4. Plenty of T shirts (You will sweat and need to change shirts),
5. Long pants 

The choice of housing is up to you, but we can help you. Prices for hotels or a Bed and Breakfast in Jerusalem can run from a few dollars per night to several hundred.

I feel it is best to stay in Maaleh Adumim. We do not have any hotels here but there are very nice rooms and private units for rent. They range in price from about $20 per might to about $50 per night.

Once you register for the program we contact you and arrange all the details and find accommodations that suit your requirements. IKI is a no smoking environment.